Speech, sound, vibration, communication, creativity, telepathy, inspiration. 

Location:Bottom of the neck. 

Color: Light blue, turquoise, Dark Blue 

Tone: U 

Note : g# 

Sense: Hearing 

Element: Ether

This is the center for communication, when this center is open, you will have a powerful desire to talk about what you´re experiencing. When you do this, some of your old friends will fall away, but your true friends will always be there for you, so let go of the ones who are uncomfortable with the new person you are becoming. You’ll find that there are many new and wonderful friends who will be magnetically drawn to you as your own energy changes.

Balanced energy:

Contented, centered, can live in the present, sense of timing, good speaker, artistic, can meditate and experience Divine Energy. Sexual energy, can seek 

bliss through meditation. 

Excessive energy:

Arrogant, self-righteous, talk too much, dogmatic, addictive, 

sexual energy-macho, prefers partners who can be dominated.

Deficient energy:

Scared, timid, hold back, quiet, inconsistent, unreliable, weak, devious, manipulative. Can’t express your thoughts, sexual energy-can’t relax, feel conflict 

with your religious upbringing, may be afraid of sex. 


Thyroid, parathyroid, throat, mouth, teeth. 


  • Turquoise
  • chrysocolla
  • blue topaz
  • aquamarine
  • hawks eye/ blue tigers eye

To balance this chakra:

  • Sing
  • chant
  • hum
  • Listen to music that you really like
  • Take a walk ,look at the beautiful blue sky and breathe consciously. 

Model: JT, Image: chirstowitch.tumblr.com