About Christian Witch

I have gotten the question what exactly is a Christian Witch more often than i can count. Every time I attempt to tell the person as quickly as possible the simplest definition possible, because I’ve come from a background that if you can break something down into simplicity, it means you know it well enough to be able to do such a thing. Honestly when it comes to my religion I don’t think it should be something easily explained.

There can be many different ways of going about Christian Witchcraft. From believing in the gnostic side of things, to just using it as your pantheon while still being somewhat polytheistic( Christo Paganism). Each Christian Witch will do things differently from another. But that’s what I found beautiful about witchcraft , that it really depended on the person using it. It depended on the persons control and contact with their own energies as well as how open they were when it came to any deity they may use in their ritual. Certain herbs or crystals would work with a person but not with others. Like JT loves hematite where when i touch it, well, i feel cold and a bit itchy. Its not unpleasant but its not like the warmth I feel from Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

I started on this path much earlier than I had originally thought. Most of my life I was drawn to magick. I would run around my backyard chasing fae. I would think of lightning during a storm and watch it streak across the sky. I would crave certain foods not for their health but for the metaphysical side of them. All of this without knowing what it all actually meant. I was raised a Methodist and never really had a falling out with God. Most of the time we would fight like Father and Daughter. I had a relationship with God and no other felt right. Even now, thinking of other Gods and Goddesses just doesn’t feel right.

 I moved to Alabama and met my first Pagans. I know, sheltered in the bible belt will do that to you. I began to read about Wicca and Witchcraft and found that I loved what it taught. I loved the wheel of the year. I loved spellcraft. I LOVED EVERYTHING….except the polytheism. I felt that home was just over that hill so to say…but I wasnt going to leave God behind just because the practice was calling me home. I found the book Path of a Christian Witch and found that I could have the Craft and God too.

When I began this path I split God into male and female. As time grew I found that God will always be a Father figure to me. Jesus would always be Jesus and the Holy Spirit would come to me in different forms. When I need a female figure it comes to me as a female, when I need a more masculine figure it comes to me as male. The Holy Spirit began as female and through time has shifted into a male form. I see it as genderless. It is The Holy Spirit and does what it wants. What I Believe in is : The Holy Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I began to blend my faith with that of witchcraft. I celebrate both Christian Holidays as well as the Wheel of the year. I use the wheel of the year to help keep me connected to the world around me. The solstices and the equinoxes, The days where nature needs to be respected. My first spell was a prayer burning ritual. I began to see that what i was doing was worshiping God but with the use of witchcraft.

Now I know, I know, This isnt exactly text book, Intro to Christian Witchcraft. But  I can only talk of it from what i have gone through. I will become more elaborate with time. The main book that I learned from was from the woman’s perspective. It didn’t make me feel like i was reading a text book.

Now I also hear alot of, ” But what about Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live”…. I do understand it says this in the bible. But what a witch was then..and a witch is now..can be very very different. Witches (from the bibles perspective) were not good people, they were the one that would make poisons and stray others from God. A Poisoner of the Faith so to say.Some witches today may do this but that is their practice. Not mine. Most witches I have met do not live up to the stereotype that the Bible has painted. I see nothing wrong with taking something that has become so negative in the eyes of Christians and showing them that it doesn’t have to be. The Old Testament said ALOT of things. God was quite controlling. ( Understatement). Alot of things that people do everyday are in that same area saying that we should be killed for. God sent his Son to die for our sins. God knew we would not be able to keep to ALL those rules. So he gave us a Get out of Jail Free card with his Son. That doesn’t mean we should go crazy. In general the 10 Commandments list out rules that keep you healthy and happy. The main thing with Sin is that you try not to. God knows you will fail but for once it truly is the thought that counts. This is the God I know. The Family of my Faith. They may not be yours but I love them dearly.

I could go on for days on this subject. And as the questions come flooding in i’m sure i will add another Billion chapters to this saga. Maybe even write a book some day eh?.

As for now. Have a wonderful night.